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"I’ve worked closely with Wendy Montes de Oca on three major projects – to build the assets of our Weiss Money
Management business in the 1990s, to expand our Weiss Research investment newsletter subscriber base in the
2000s, and now to run the Financial Publishers Association (FiPA), which I founded over ten years ago. So, I can
tell you from many years of personal experience that she’s a seasoned marketing consultant specialized in direct
response. She has an excellent track record with customer acquisition, both via leads or immediate sales. She’s
goal driven, motivated, organized and can interface well with all levels of a company. She can help you grow
assets under management or improve customer lifetime value. She can leverage multiple channels, including
Web, email, direct mail, print, and social media. Most important, she’s an idea generator, both tactically and
-Martin Weiss, Ph.D., Founder & Publisher, Weiss Research & Publishing, Inc.

“I’d like to recommend Wendy Montes de Oca as a seasoned direct response marketer with a great deal of specific
experience with both acquisition and also retention. I worked indirectly with her [at Early To Rise/Agora and
Dr. Al Sears] for several years and found her to be bright, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. In addition to online
and offline marketing, she is knowledgeable with operations, project management, product development and
copywriting development.”
-Mark Ford, Founder & Publisher, Palm Beach Research Group; Founder & Former Publisher, Early To Rise;
Co-Founder, Agora Publishing


“Wendy was an integral part of NewsMax Media, spearheading various marketing efforts.
She is a creative, a strategic thinker, and implementer who gets the job done with success. Wendy is excellent!”
-Chris Ruddy, CEO & Publisher,

"Wendy is an absolute pleasure to do business with. She’s got an expert skill set not just in copywriting but all things direct response. She’s quick, creative, talented, organized, detail oriented, easy to work with and a true team player. Wendy has worked with us [for 8 months] to produce quality content on everything from ad creatives, emails, fresh leads, editorial content, and the list could go on. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Wendy on any project where you need a pro."

-Matt McIntyre, Director of Optimization, V Shred/Sculpt Nation

“I've worked with Wendy directly and indirectly for many years now. She is one the best direct-to-consumer copywriters in the world. And what makes her unique is her ability to advise on best-in-class marketing processes and techniques. She has decades of hands-on experience with the largest spending brands and within minutes of speaking to her you will realize just how valuable she can be to any business that wants to acquire more customers at a lower cost, while retaining them for the long-term. Wendy is a gem. There aren't others I know of like her. She is your best bet.”
-Adam Feldman, VP of Business Development, Kendago B2C Media

“HUGE thanks for being a copywriting wizard... for being totally amazing and we're already excited for your next masterpiece!”
"Well done Wendy! It wasn't a simple task to put it together in the context of a weight loss journey, you really nailed it here!"
-Shoval Shapiro, VP of Products, Kendago B2C Media

"It was a pleasure working with Wendy. She consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, professionalism, and a positive attitude. Wendy came on with us, assessed the areas we were lacking and was extremely efficient in creating the items on our list."
-Hilary Silver, Founder and CEO, and

“Wendy is a fantastic copywriter... good emotional storytelling… very talented and easy to work with. She has a knack for balancing powerful, compelling copy AND making it compliant... often finding creative solutions that didn’t water down the copy.”

-Blake Stanhouse, Managing Member, S2Regulatory, LLC (compliance review of Wendy's copy at Svelte Media and V Shred)

“I have known Wendy for more than 15 years and have worked with her at Weiss Research and Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine (Wellness Research and Consulting). Wendy is the consummate professional and leader.  Her business acumen is well known in the industry.  Her forte is in bringing new, innovative marketing and business ideas and strategies to companies to help them bring in new customers and revenue.  Through industry knowledge, multi-variate testing strategies and her vast network of resources, Wendy makes an immediate and lasting impact on a company’s bottom line. One of the things that I personally respect most about Wendy is her leadership style.  She leads her team with firm and high expectations, but with the positive, supportive mentoring and a genuine desire to see her team succeed and grow.  Her team members truly benefit from her knowledge, ability to train and teach and her inclusive team approach.  The ability to garner respect and cooperation is not a given, but Wendy makes it look easy.  Wendy is a solid analytical mind, driven by results.  Yet, she is in tune with trends and competitive research, and has a strong sense of the copy and creative side as well.  I highly recommend Wendy and know that she will be a great asset to your company.”

-Jen Moran, Publisher,  Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine/Al Sears, M.D. 


“Thank you for all of the time and teaching you provided me. I look up to you very much!”
~Samantha Thompson, Jr. Copywriter, Svelte Media, Inc.

“Easy to work with, self-sufficient, and strategically minded -- these are the traits Wendy brings each month. She understands the importance of synergy between lists, products, and promotions -- a skill that you can't train or hire for in just a few weeks. What's interesting is... she has become an irreplaceable asset to my business -- and I'm comfortable with that.”
-Alex Mannine, Director of Transmedia Operations, American Lantern Press, Inc./Independent Living News

“Trudging aimlessly with expensive national marketing firms that promised results but delivered nothing, we were fortunate enough to connect with Precision Marketing...  In the past nine months we have worked with Wendy, our sales have doubled, our rankings on Google and other search engines has made Piddle Place score in the first page of results at minimal expense.  Thanks to her grass roots efforts to share our concept with the on-line community, her command of social networking and her ability to network our business is finally in a position to succeed. Wendy always takes the time to make us feel important. She makes it a priority to learn the details of our products so she can create an audience of real customers.  Without a doubt, we owe our success to Wendy...  I would recommend Precision Marketing & Media to anyone that needs to find an edge to be the best.”
-Kathleen Hillman, Founder, Piddle Place


“I’ve worked with Wendy creating direct response sales materials and content marketing strategies for two different clients. Working with a smart direct response marketer like Wendy who’s passionate about making money for her clients makes all the difference in a project’s success. Wendy brings together a keen sense of strategy with an attention to detail and a solid supply of expertise. Drawing on data and experience, Wendy always offers recommendations that reliably boost response. For example, she made a graphics suggestion for an email sales letter I wrote creating an innovative and unique masthead that mirrored that of a medical journal which nearly doubled response. I will continue to recommend Wendy to my clients as an invaluable partner in creating successful direct response campaigns.”
-Sarah Clachar, Owner and Copywriter, Healthy Marketing Ideas


“Wendy is a high-energy and detail-oriented marketing professional who is familiar with numerous marketing channels and proven strategies. Combine that with her delightful personality and see how she can breathe new life into your marketing efforts and your organization overall. It has been my great pleasure to work with Wendy on a few occasions (most recently as CMO and COO of Dr. Al Sears/Wellness Research), and I know she can intuitively take the reins and drive success.”
-Karyn Ennis, President, Email Advisors, LLC


“Wendy is the Neiman-Marcus of Internet marketers. She's a veritable "one-stop shopping" center for virtually every

service you could want or need that involves getting your name and brand out to the marketplace, from copywriting to

SEO. What's even more important is that she does all of them well.”
-Dr. Jonny Bowden, Best-selling Author, Metabolic Factor, Natural Health, Weight Loss & Anti-Aging Nutritionist

“Over the course of 16 months when Wendy served as CMO and COO for Wellness Research, I witnessed a reinvigorating
of the file and consistent growth in total revenue. The company is now on a solid trajectory to reach all-time highs across all channels.”

-Kim Lansdale, Direct-Response Marketing and Editorial Consultant - Al Sears MD/Wellness Research and Consulting (,,

“I worked with Wendy Montes de Oca when she was CMO and COO for Wellness Research/Dr. Al Sears, and I can attest -- Wendy knows her stuff. She knows how to grow a business using sound principles. She is adept at reading results and responding with a plan. She knows how to motivate people and action. I would work with her again in any capacity at any time.”-Helen Buttery, Marketing Consultant and former COO - Al Sears MD/Wellness Research and Consulting


“Wendy’s often been referred to as the ‘Marketing Maven’ within the industry. Having worked closely with her for nearly 16 months in her role as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer, it quickly became clear why. Wendy knows Marketing. And she knows how to grow revenue. Wendy approaches every initiative with all cylinders fired…and you can count on results! I’ve learned much from this Maven.”
-Carolyn Hinson, Marketing Manager - Al Sears MD/Wellness Research and Consulting (,,


“We have been very pleased with Wendy's SONAR Content Distribution Model since its launch in September 2013. Based on our content and the modeling that was suggested by Wendy, SONAR has proven to be a high performing strategy that has helped to increase traffic and visibility to our website. In the past we used a variety of advertising mediums to draw traffic to our website, but with SONAR our visits have vastly improved – in fact, on one day we generated the highest number of visits we’ve ever had.”
-Rosalie J. Straub, Vice President & COO, Sun Chlorella USA

“When it comes to the best marketing consultants out there, Wendy's at the top of a very short list. She has the skills, resources, and connections to get the job done -- whatever it is. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.”
-Len Bailey, Copywriter, LEB Marketing


“Working with Wendy was the one of the best business decisions I made this year. She impressed me not only with her great production skills but a wonderful let’s-get-it-done attitude. Her focus and attention to detail and the ability to project energy was appreciated as we approached our launch date. Wendy was a reservoir of creativity, thoughts, and ideas with her marketing strategies, web design and copywriting magic.”
-Karen Keller, Ph.D.,


“The team at MetaResponse has known and worked with Wendy for over ten years in a variety of marketing capacities. She's a pro with a strong skill set and knowledgebase in all disciplines of traditional direct marketing, while also being well-versed in the digital arena as well. A very smart individual who is a pleasure to work with!”
-Al DiBlasi, VP Marketing, MetaResponse Group


"You have already met and exceeded my expectations. Your expertise is unparalleled. I can't wait to go on from here.”
-Bob Bly, Renowned Copywriter and Best-selling Author,

“Working with Wendy is a dream come true. She is a savvy business person who is willing to think outside the box and bring
marketing, traffic generation, and creative ideas to your promotion. She is very personable, resilient, detail-oriented,
self-motivated. Your business will certainly excel with Wendy guiding your marketing plans.”

-Jackie Stone, Managing Editor,, Makepeace Total Package


“Having the opportunity to work directly with Wendy Montes de Oca has provided me with the knowledge and experience
that has helped pave the way to a successful career in the field Marketing and Media. From Branding and Public Relations,
to Media advertising and Direct Response Marketing, Wendy has been an excellent leader and mentor who truly has the
ability to successful launch any Marketing campaign.”
-George Dahir, Marketing Manager,

“I highly recommend Wendy for any marketing, business development, Internet project or list building venture.
I'm serious. I've worked with hundreds of direct marketing professionals, gurus and company principles over the
last 25 years. Wendy is in the top 2%!”
-Mark Smalley, Owner, Mark Smalley Direct


“Wendy is a brilliant direct response and online marketer with innovative ideas for increasing revenue and generating website traffic and prospects. Her tactics were cutting edge and they worked! She catapulted marketing in equity research and helped both institutional and retail sales.”
-Matthew Quinn, Citigroup (formerly Salomon Smith Barney)


“Wendy is an astute marketer with a keen eye to detail. She keeps projects moving ahead and is great at pulling together the diverse elements, people and systems to complete projects successfully within budget. I believe that any team or project would benefit greatly from Wendy's skills and expertise.”
-David Cross, Senior Internet Consultant, Agora Publishing


Working with Precision Marketing and Media is exactly what the name implies. They are precise and fast.

Wendy Montes de Oca simply knows internet marketing better than any person I have ever encountered. What I have

learned is that internet marketing is both a science and art, but rarely does one person have both skills. Wendy has a formal

background in marketing, a keen eye for analysis, and a creative flair second to none. Precision Marketing will always be an integral part of the Appleboost team.”
-Dave Copeland, President and Founder, AppleBoost Products, Inc.


“Wendy is an Internet marketing expert with a knack for writing marketing copy as well. A great manager and a great source for ideas for a variety of projects - from conferences to campaigns to viral videos and much more.”
-Jason Holland, Agora Publishing/Early to Rise


“Wendy is a marketing guru who understands how direct marketing works on the highest level. She is an excellent copywriter that can turn a simple landing page into a powerful sales letter. Wendy always thinks about the end result when working on the project. She is very organized and is always on top of her work. She was a pleasure to work with and I've learned a lot from her. I recommend Wendy for any marketing projects.”
-Katrin Evseeva, The Weiss Group, Inc.


“Wendy is a top notch marketing expert who understands how public relations and web marketing fit together. She utilizes multiple marketing channels to drive e-business in a highly strategic and focused manner.”
-Joy Howell, Managing Partner, Cambridge Strategic Partners


“Wendy has a strong marketing background and has developed campaigns that have increased our ROI figures dramatically. I highly recommend Wendy for any 'direct' or 'internet' marketing projects.”
-Edwin Huertas, Agora Publishing/Early To Rise


“Wendy is a colleague that you can definitely learn a lot from. As my direct report, I have grown more in the year under her tutelage than I have at previous positions. Wendy has knowledge of various areas of Marketing, Customer Service and as well as a legal background. She is a confident manager and eager to show you how you to can advance and improve in whatever you do. Wendy is an asset to Early to Rise.”
-Sharika Kellogg, Agora Publishing/Early to Rise


“...Wendy's in depth knowledge of online marketing metrics, business to business partnership relationships, and marketing strategy improved our department and led the company to a level of success it had yet to achieve. Wendy’s leadership and encouragement strengthened both the web and marketing team. Wendy’s fortitude amazed me; she continually gave of herself and worked tirelessly... I am grateful that I had the chance to work for and learn from such a strong woman like Wendy Montes de Oca.”
-Colleen Deborah Collins, Weiss Research and Publishing


“Wendy is a great marketer who is always willing to share her knowledge in both articles and team meetings. She is highly organized and on top of all of her work. Wendy always has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with.”
-Melanie Segala, Agora Publishing/Early to Rise


“Wendy's knowledge and marketing experience are invaluable to the team at Early to Rise and to our customers.”
-Alexis Siemon, Agora Publishing/Early to Rise


“Wendy is an extremely organized colleague and has many creative ideas that benefits the company in numerous ways.”
-Sarah Snoots, Agora Publishing/Early to Rise


“As a freelance copywriter, I really enjoyed working on a subscriber acquisition package with Wendy. Wendy provided a great foundation with all the vital information, and then got out of the way to let me do my thing. She was always available to answer questions or provide support, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with her.”
-Eileen Coale, Owner, Coale Communications


“Wendy is a pleasure to work with. She works diligently to ensure that cross-departmental challenges are resolved prior to escalation and does so in a manner that leaves everyone feeling respected and valued.”
-Nehal Munshi, Weiss Research and Publishing


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